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Company Name Regulation US Clients Payout Min. Deposit Bonus Special Offer
Up to 95%
 Up to 30% or $5,000
81% (86% VIP) $250 Up to 80%
81% - 89% $250 Up to 75%


Why should you prefer anyOption commences Bitcoin Options Trading


anyOption gives in to the surge in demand for the virtual coin trade and now offers Bitcoin derivative trading. Bitcoin's trading volumes touched new heights since January, reaching as high as $266 in April. This hype in demand for the digital asset has finally persuaded Anyoption to pursue its interests in Bitcoin derivative trading.

The company allows the asset to be traded through the one-touch instrument on fortnightly basis. This facility has enabled traders to choose rates for Bitcoin and the US Dollar on specific dates. On maturity of the option the traders can avail up to a profit percentage of 120% on the assets. Given the simple and hassle free account opening process of the company, the demand for its binary option accounts is all set for a new beginning and will open huge coffers for Bitcoin trading.

Bitcoin will be joining Anyoption’s vast portfolio of more than 140 assets which are traded daily through the company site. The introduction of Bitcoin is in alignment of the company strategy to sustain its leadership in the trading space and to offer the latest digital asset to the public for negotiation. The asset will be available for trading on a daily and the expiry dates will be determined by reliable stock exchange tables.

Bitcoin is a new addition in the market of currency trading. Paper currencies like Euro, Dollar, etc. are issued by governments or banking institutions of various countries. Bitcoin is a digital asset that is traded based through the internet, and is transferred based on encrypted protocols. Bitcoin is not issued by any central authority or financial institution of any country and hence is very flexible and is easy to transfer. Owing to these distinct features which were much in need in the online trading space Bitcoin has gathered much momentum in its trading and has crossed the $1 Billion mark in a very short span of time.

anyOption Binary 0-100


anyOption is a recognized and established firm that was launched in the year 2008. It pioneered binary option trading and it is a reputable leader in the industry. The fact that has it has been on the market for a relatively long time you can always expect excellent customer service. It has an innovative team that keeps creating great features to help the traders easily make profits.


One such tool is anyOption Binary 0-100 that effectively enhances how you can execute your transaction. This has the potential of making you earn up to 1000% in profits. You only need to have the correct strategy in place for you to reach this level.


There are several things that you must know about anyOption binary 0-100. Firstly, you are able to execute the buying and selling process options right to the time that they expire. Another advantage is that you benefit from both sides. This is irrespective o the trading strategy that you use. You only need to know the factors that determine how the market behaves at specific time in order to trade better.


The Anyoption platforms offer great tools too that you can use.  The Live Traders Data is essential tool that is used to ascertain market trends enabling you to make informed decisions fast.


Information is power. It is only by using the correct strategy to predict the rise or fall of prices when trading anyoption binary0- 100 that you can benefit. It is quite important to understand the asset price, strike price, and how the current price affects payout. These are some of the major factors that you should consider when trading binary 0-100.


If you do proper research and implement a strategy that works then it is quite possible to realize profits as a trader. This is irrespective of experience and amount invested in binary 0-100.