What are anyOption command line


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What are anyOption command line - grab details here?

AnyOption command line is a criteria found in C++. C++ is a computer language that is for the specific purpose. It is a command language that is basically a third generation language. Any option is a command that helps in easy commanding over the complex structures in the language.


anyOption command line is a proxy that gives the implication of ever developing traditional POSIX style character options defined as (-n).It also defines the long option that is implemented as GNU style (--name).in the syntax of C++ anyoption in which value is required to be entered is known as known as value pair. In same sense the syntax in which no value is required to be entered is called as flags.

Anyoption supports the traditional content. In traditional content any option is supporter of UNIX resource file. It is a supporter of the line that starts from # is known as comments. Along with it the line which starts from: is known as delimiter. Many updates had been done from time to time in the language. As well as many update were also there in the same track of any option. In the month of august followed in the year 2006 various updates were added by Michael Peter of Sandia lab made updates in the form of bud fixes.

Followed by the updates made by Michael Peter of Sandia next introduction of update was made by Boyan Asenov in which introduction was made for the combination of different indexes of the option type. After the invention and updation in various categories in July 2011, fix from Min KJ and Costantino G for string allocation. Any option command is a well-defined way to look up for the effective use of the computer language that is as all know C++.